"you bought a bus!?"

This is a common question I got after we bought big blue...but the answer in short is, YES. We bought a bus. The story is simple really, I have talked about having a teal floral bus and making it an art studio for YEARS. Then one day my husband found a teal bus for sale, and we knew we had to at least go check it out. Turns out, we needed it! The time was now to chase my dream!

My name is Emma and I now have a mobile art studio! I am so excited about this next adventure, mostly because I get to share my excitement and passion for all things art, with my community. I cannot wait to help spread creativity, and help others find their hidden talents and guide young artists to do what they love. I am a licensed art educator, mom and artist and I fall more in love with the art of teaching every single day!

"Emma, what kind of art do you like the most?" This is a common question I get when I tell people about my dreams but I have never been able to settle on just one art medium. I love them all! I love painting and photography. I love mixed media and glass. I love the process of creating but also the final product. I love the mess of creativity but in a space where it is welcomed. I love the self expression and mindfulness art can bring. But most of all, I love watching these lightbulbs click for other people, the same way they do for me, and I love being a part of the magic as people fall in love with the art of making. What a better way to foster all these things I love, than into one messy, vibrant, and fun mobile art bus.

I am mostly inspired by the world around me and things I see and hear. I love to see what other artists are doing and put my own spin on it. I love to see what nature has to offer and see what I can make from that. Mostly though, I just love to see how many different ways I can take an idea.

It was my high school art teacher actually who inspired me to continue seeing what the art world had to offer, and that is when I found my niche, I found my people; I found where I belonged.

When I found art, I knew this was something I needed to persue. I never knew all the things art could do for me in my life, but I just kept finding a new love for learning and decided I wanted to inspire others.

I feel the most like myself when I am creating and there is no better feeling than that.